Ice Boy – Kama Unajikuna [Audio/ Video]

DOWNLOAD MP3: Ice Boy – Kama Unajikuna
Ice Boy – Kama Unajikuna

This Ice Boy is not Wang Fuman, the Chinese kid celebrity with whom he shares the same alias. But that’s by the way.

Ice Boy, a Tanzanian musician of note, has just released a song titled “Kama Unajikuna,” and it is not for everyone. The accompanying music video is especially graphic, and if you should choose to reenact some scenes in the video, you might be mistaken for a priapic lunatic. Lol.

On the whole, er, I should think “Kama Unajikuna” should make an ideal diversion for you and your spouse, especially when you’re hankering for a “spin through eternity.” As we say in Nigeria, if you know you know.

Stream and download “Kama Unajikuna” by Ice Boy and Let us know what you think.

Download Mp3: Ice Boy – Kama Unajikuna
Download Video: Ice Boy – Kama Unajikuna

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