Immaculate Dache – Pozz

DOWNLOAD MP3: Immaculate Dache – Pozz
Immaculate Dache – Pozz

After a nine-month lull, Immaculate Dache returns to the music scene with a track titled “Pozz.” Here, once again, Immaculate Dache sits grandly on the pillion of love, singing her soul out.

Just before she halted her releases and thus vanished from the scene, she had released “Stay,” a love belter, in collaboration with L.A.X.

Love is a recurring theme in Immaculate Dache’s songs. And although it may seem she sings about the same subject all the time, she never betrays you to the daemons of boredom. With “Pozz” you are in for yet another grand time. Rock it, mate. Do.

Stream and download “Pozz” by Immaculate Dache and let us know what you think.

Download Mp3: Immaculate Dache – Pozz

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