Benny Afroe – Hello Baby! [Audio/ Video]

DOWNLOAD MP3: Benny Afroe – Hello Baby!
Benny Afroe – Hello Baby!

Vth Season star Benny Afroe has just released the music video of his song “Hello Baby!” The music video is beautifully rendered and most likely to be watched on repeat.

 Benny Afroe’s father is a bass guitarist. It is not surprising Benny Afroe himself should exhibit a music streak. The intercourse with music began pretty early for Benny Afroe, and at 10 he was already writing his own songs.

So far he has limned a couple of interesting numbers, including “Rock Your Soul” and “Twenty-Five.” By the way, Benny Afroe’s real name is Benny Riba.

Stream and download “Hello Baby!” by Benny Afroe and let us know what you think.

Download Mp3: Benny Afroe – Hello Baby!

Download Video: Benny Afroe – Hello Baby!

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