Npk Twice – Egoli

DOWNLOAD MP3: Npk Twice – Egoli
Npk Twice – Egoli

Once step at a time, Npk Twice is moving up South Africa’s music rung. The Up-and-coming South African rapper has just released a song that should provoke a smile from the rootless cosmopolitan and just about anyone away from home and chasing big dreams. [Alert: the phrase “rootless cosmopolitan” is Salman Rushdie’s. I nicked it from one of his novels. Guess which!]

Npk Twice’s track in review is titled “Egoli.” This track walks you through the carapace of a youngster’s dream leaving home. You may smile through this song. You may sigh. You may cry. It all depends on your emotional thews…

I gotta leave it at this, mate. Listen to the track to find out more.

Stream and download “Egoli” by Npk Twice and let us know what you think.

Download Mp3: Npk Twice – Egoli

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