Ramses Tikaya – 100% Atalaku

DOWNLOAD MP3: Ramses Tikaya – 100% Atalaku
Ramses Tikaya – 100% Atalaku

Ivorian singer Ramses Tikaya  is out with yet another coupé décalé belter that is 100 per cent satisfying as music… Okay, that’s but a play on the song’s title itself: “100% Atalaku.”

Anyway, “100% Atalaku” is a fine number and not the work of indolent craftsmanship. This much you’re going to find out soon enough: just listen to the song.

By the way, “100% Atalaku” is a follow-up to “Zikabahoum,” released back in March 2019

Stream and download “100% Atalaku” by Ramses Tikaya and let us know what you think.

Download Mp3: Ramses Tikaya – 100% Atalaku

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