The Mafik – Vuruga

DOWNLOAD MP3: The Mafik – Vuruga
The Mafik – Vuruga

It’s been a long time one listened to a song by The Mafik. The Tanzanian afro-pop group has released a new track after what seems like forever. This track is titled “Vuruga” and qualifies for the tag of lyrical treat.

The Mafik, which is made up of pals Hamadai, Rhino King and Mbalamwezi, gives a wonderful time with their songs.

Ever since its founding, the group has masterminded tracks like “Sheba,” “Passenger” and “Carola,” as well as made a feature appearance on Ben Pol’s “Sio Mbaya.”

Take a helping of “Vuruga” and have a grand evening.

Stream and download “Vuruga” by The Mafik and let us know what you think.

Download Mp3: The Mafik – Vuruga

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