Flame – Candy Man Album

DOWNLOAD AND STREAM: Flame – Candy Man Album
Flame – Candy Man Album

South Africa’s hip-hop artiste Flame buys into the “solo album” tradition, releasing a 19 tracker with now features whatsoever. This new album from Flame is titled “Candy Man.”

“Candy Man” album, in spite of the absence of features, is a pleasure to listen to.


1. Oompa Loompa (Intro)

2. Pay Respect

3. Home Run

4. How You Feel

5. Don’t Bother

6. Bad Chritians

7. Trees

8. Drowning

9. CandyMan

10. Mink

11. Late Nights

12. Another Interlude, I Guess

13. Cuterlude

14. Rendezvous

15. Up and Lost

16. Impatient

17. Hold You Down

18. Ride for You

19. Lemme Know / Outro

Flame, B3nchMarQ’s choice on “Hyperbolic Chamber” and a member of The Wrecking Crew (TWC), has limned an album that should find eager audiences beyond the borders of South Africa.

For one who exemplifies dedication to music, Flame’s “Candy Man” album is just a flare. The flame of his powers as an artiste is yet to be seen. In that case, you just gotta go ahead and pick something of the rack of (the) “Candy Man.”

Or take all, if you please.

Stream “Candy Man” album below and let us know what you think.

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