Pro-Tee – Everybody Jump

DOWNLOAD MP3: Pro-Tee – Everybody Jump
Pro-Tee – Everybody Jump

Pro-Tee – “Everybody Jump”

“Everybody Jump”!

Don’t worry; some murderous fool isn’t lobbing grenades right now. “Everybody Jump” is merely the title of South African producer and disc jockey Pro-Tee’s latest track, sans the exclamation mark.

But then “Everybody Jump” is appropriate for a title, as the song assures of a good time on the dance floor.

The Pro-Tee new song “Everybody Jump” is a follow-up to “Won’t Let You Go (Pro-Tee’s 2019 Remix),” “These Tears (Pro-Tee’s Gqom Remake),”  “Township Funk (Pro-Tee’s Gqom Remix),” Silhouettes (Pro-Tee’s Gqom Remake)”  and “Wena (Pro-Tee’s 2019 Gqom Remake),” to name a few.

Stream and download “Everybody Jump” by Pro-Tee and let us know what you think.

Download MP3: Pro-Tee – Everybody Jump

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